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Your top free marketing resource is...

Social media is without a doubt the top free resource available to small businesses. Here are a few reminders why you should be using it to connect with your customers..

Love it or hate it, your customers ARE using social media...

The majority of folk use a smartphone, they probably also have a tablet, and they are also likely to have some form of social media account. And research suggests that people spend at least two hours on social media activity each day. Yikes!

So they might well be using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, but what is for sure is you could be using these channels to access them. But with so much choice available when it comes to the various platforms, you need to consider carefully what to focus your efforts on - there is little point in investing time in, for example, Snapchat or Pinterest, if your core audiences aren't using them. In my view, you can't go wrong with Twitter, along with Facebook or Instagram depending on your business offer, so I would suggest you focus your time on doing one or two really well, rather than three or four badly.

Take advantage of free features

Facebook, in particular, has so many free features for you to use. The Call To Action button is a relatively recent feature – a little widget which sits on your Page and you can change it to say Contact Us (with your email link or website enquiry page), Send Email, Book Now, Sign Up (great for newsletters), or Watch Video.

The events calendar, is another feature. Creating a Facebook event serves as a reminder to folk about anything special you might be organising. And you can use the scheduling function to ensure the event post appears when your audience is likely to see it (evenings and weekends are ideal). When someone RSVPs to your event, it shows on their personal timeline, and so you are increasing the reach of your message.

Also quite new is the live broadcasting feature - great for a ‘livestream’ film of anything happening in your business or just to use as an opportunity to connect with your audience. All you need is a strong wifi connection and be using your mobile device and you are off! After your live broadcast, the film just sits on your Page as any other film would.

Use social media to raise profile, build engagement and drive traffic to your website

Social media is a powerful thing. It can elevate the profile of your business to audiences you may not have previously considered, it can provide access and engagement with audiences in a timely fashion, and used well, with signposts to your website, it can improve traffic and ensure the website is used to its full potential. And at the end of the day, it is free, it just requires the investment of your time.

None of this is worth it unless your audiences know which platforms you are using, so you need to promote them across all your marketing materials and as widely as possible. Let them know that social media, working alongside your website, is how you are communicating useful, important and timely pieces of information, and you will see your audiences grow.

So what do you think? How do you prioritise social media in your schedule? Need some help? Give me a call!

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