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Why should I 'like' you?

And I'm talking about social media here! With specific reference to Facebook, which, despite the rise of many other platforms, is still the most popular of all social networks.

We all see it, an increasing number of businesses, of all shapes and sizes, taking to Facebook to hard-sell to audiences, intruding on their online social lives with over-frequent irrelevant posts, often resulting in their ‘unliking’ of the page as quickly as it was ‘liked’.

The bottom line is that businesses often forget that they need a VERY good reason to be on Facebook, and that they have to convince their audience of that reason in order to get

(and maintain) their approval.

For big brands, there are three main reasons for a Facebook presence:

1. To promote exclusive offers

2. To announce ‘breaking news’ on products and services

3. To gain feedback.

In culturing a Facebook community, it’s an opportunity to share the inside story. It’s for the less formal, more social content you might not choose to put on your website. It’s the sort of content that helps builds relationships.

If businesses decide to use Facebook as simply another channel to deliver the same marketing message, it’s little wonder they struggle to cultivate a following. Why would your audience happily agree to receiving yet even more marketing, for no reason or reward? Why wouldn’t they just visit your website or sign up for your newsletter? What’s in it for them?

We have to fully appreciate the social protocols of social networks – and it’s the businesses and brands which focus on adding value and nurturing relationships with their audiences which will be successful.

Rant over! If you'd like some one-to-one advice or training on how to get the most out of your social media investment, do give me a call or drop me a line. And if you sign up to my monthly newsletter (details on my contact page) you might even get some free tips!

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