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Who is Marketing Girl Friday?

Hi readers! I thought I would do a bit of professional ‘sharing’ today, just in case you're wondering whether I might be the right person to help out with your business.

Now don’t be put off, but I wasn't always a marketer! I trained and worked as a professional dancer, achieved my teaching qualifications and then was unexpectedly injured. So it was back to school, I took a broad-based management degree, but more usefully, got some real life/work experience, including a placement year in a theatre’s marketing department and juggling my studies with working for M&S.

My first job after graduation was in arts and special event marketing, initially for a local authority and then a private training provider. Both roles were fantastic grounding for working on community projects and large scale events (from rock concerts to royal visits), learning the secrets of securing public and private sector funding, all while honing promotion and PR skills.

I went on to specialise in education marketing, as marketing manager for a university, then relocating for a large FE/HE college, and finally an independent school. These roles were demanding in terms of targets and required a highly creative approach to marketing (including the introduction of digital marketing) to fit the competitive environment. During this time, I helped my employers win the HEIST Award for Best Prospectus and FE First Awards for Best Prospectus (on two occasions), Best Website and Best Collaboration. I was invited to become a judge for the prestigious FE First Awards (which I still do, five years on) and was asked to speak at various events including those arranged by the College Marketing Network, the Girls’ School Association and the Association of Marketing and Development in Independent Schools.

It was around this time a private training provider approached me to ask that given my background, would I be interested in training other education marketers? Before long, I found myself setting up a small consultancy, writing and producing training materials, with bookings up and down the country to deliver training to staff in schools and speak at national conferences. Alongside this, I became more active in the charity sector, undertaking the role of trustee for a £1million charity in the South West, and also in a more hands-on capacity as a weekly volunteer at an animal sanctuary.

And then came the opportunity to change all of this and relocate to Cornwall! I was inspired by the number of small businesses in the county and started up Marketing Girl Friday, designed specifically to support companies who cannot afford a permanent marketing member of staff, but want to buy in efficient, cost-effective support from time to time.

So here I am, settling in and meeting new folk, exploring the glorious locations around me, and working on projects which help busy people out of a tight spot. Might you be in need of a Marketing Girl Friday? Do give me a call if we’d be a good fit!

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