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Things I have learnt since moving to Cornwall...

The forecast is usually rain. See above. Don’t believe it. Many a time we have headed off to the coast on a day predicted to be wet and miserable, and had the most fabulous, sunny time. Equally we have got soaked to the skin on a couple of occasions while embracing my theory... and as I write this, one of the kitties has just landed on my desk looking like a drowned rat… but seriously, it’s all a ruse… The car will always be full of sand. Not just a dusting in the footwell, there will be loads of it and everywhere. It will be welded to the paintwork with every passing rain shower. The car boot will become a veritable sand pit in which you can entertain small children. I used to be proud of having a clean(ish) motor, but quickly realised that a permanently filthy car is the only possible outcome here.

It's perfectly acceptable to wear the same clothes several days in a row. It doesn’t matter if you forget to wash or - in my case - brush your hair. And ladies, if you're feeling bold, just abandon the make-up completely. No-one cares what you look like, so if you want to fit in, leave your best bib and tucker behind, don your old flip-flops and shorts, because Cornwall is casual. And that’s how we like it.

I'd read much about incomers being viewed suspiciously, yet cannot think of one instance this has proved to be true. Yes, it’s a tight-knit community, but it’s a very neighbourly community, with a sense of “You chose to live and work here? Then we shall get along great!” (Not so elsewhere in the UK, and we've moved about a lot, so can be considered experts in this subject.) We have felt welcome from day one.

The huge number of small businesses in the county - woah! This is just so exciting! Fewer wage-chasers and high-flyers, just folk who knuckle down, offer a great service, support each other and sod the pension, sick pay and paid holidays. You have my respect, and I am glad to be one of you.

And lastly, folk are truly proud to be Cornish. Stunningly, fiercely, stoically proud.


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