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Updated: Nov 19, 2018

It’s lovely to be working on a print project again, and on this occasion it’s a prospectus for an education client. I’ve worked on so many prospectuses in my time, but it’s still one of my favourite jobs. However in ‘those days’, the prospectus was a minimum of 48 pages and in the case of a FE or HE provider – closer to 144 pages! And no matter what the environment, it was always a highly time-consuming and expensive project.

So it has been very refreshing to work with my client on something that is a far better fit for today’s prospective parents and students, and also (but equally important) a better fit for their marketing budget.

Firstly, we have been incredibly focussed on key messaging. Values, vision and key messaging really shouldn’t change every year – they should be consistent, and that means with careful planning and confidence, a school should only need a new prospectus when there is significant change. This effectively means you can spread the cost of your new prospectus over three years – and not just the cost, but all that time spent on page planning, research, copywriting, photography and the endless rounds of proofing…

Next, we have been bold and decided upon 12 pages only. Crazy idea, huh? What about all those little details, all the content you’d normally include? Well, I’m sure it’s not news to you that gone are the days of the prospectus being the school’s most important promotional tool – online communications filled that space some years ago. But if your marketing budget is still taking a huge hit from the design and print of a lengthy annual prospectus, it’s definitely time for you to consider how you apportion your budget better between on and offline marketing.

Then, we worked carefully to identify and appoint a design agency who can deliver on the project and the price. Not just the design fee, but also the print, so I recommend you find an agency with excellent relationships with a number of reputable print houses, and that will help ensure you get an absolutely unbeatable price on the print. Yes, it might mean a bit of to’ing and fro’ing, but I promise you it is absolutely worth it.

Right now, we’re working on the fun bit! Working up the layouts, matching words and imagery, considering how we will translate all the visual and verbal design elements of the prospectus across other media to ensure instant brand recognition. This is my favourite part of the project, so I am reminding myself to savour it while it lasts, as in three weeks we are off to print! (Fingers crossed!)

So if you are a school looking to re-think your prospectus – I’d love to work with you, and I guarantee I can make the process far less painful, far more cost-effective and completed in super-speedy time. Drop me a line if that sounds like too good an offer to miss!

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