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How to avoid school social media disasters..

If you are an administrator in a school, there’s a fair chance that social media marketing has been whacked onto your ever increasing workload.

You might be the receptionist, the business manager, the librarian or even work in the repro office, but I know from experience that at some stage a senior member of staff will have tried (or will yet try) to palm off responsibility for social media to you.

So, how equipped do you feel to handle that?

All good? After all, it’s no big deal really, just a few Facebook posts here and there, maybe the occasional photo on Insta, and if you’re feeling really bold, the odd Twitter interaction?

Or, does this responsibility fill you with dread?

Is it the hackers, the trolls or the safeguarding issues which worry you most? Is it the niggle that should you make a typo, that’s the one post which will go viral and you will be remembered for ever more? Is it the potential for negative feedback, unwelcome users and parental conflict which bring you out in a cold sweat in the middle of the night? Or, is it just – how the heck am I going to find time to do all of this properly?

Fear not. I can help you with all this and more. For many years, I have been training administrators in schools how to manage the riskier aspects associated with social media, alongside making full use of its potential in raising your school’s profile and helping engage with key audiences, with some time-saving strategies to help you along the way.

My years of working in education mean I have an arsenal of funny stories up my sleeve, lots of useful video content to share and some practical ways to help you manage your social media activity more effectively.

And along my training travels, I’ve had some lovely feedback! Here are a couple of my favourite comments in recent sessions,

The social media course Lisa provided has given us lots of new ideas to enhance the marketing of our school. Her experience and advice was extremely valuable and has made a great addition to boost all our promotional ideas. Great resources, great knowledge and guidance and a superb choice of course to get your school into the world of social media!

(Thank you to Caroline of Hartsdown School, Kent.)

The whole day was excellent and well put together. Lisa conducted the course seamlessly and covered a wide range of topics and managed to cover the needs and questions of all those in attendance regardless of the level they were already at. I look forward to attending more courses hosted by Lisa in the future.

(Thank you to Jason of Sydenham School, London.)

Lisa gave a very comprehensive and stimulating presentation on social media marketing and the notes and tips she provided have become a bible of use. Lisa has also been a great source of on-going support since that time adding even more value to the initial interaction. Much of her marketing and communications work has become an exemplar of best practice in my circles.

(Thank you to Andrea of Weatherhead High School, Merseyside).

What to find out more? Drop me a line and I’ll send you my latest course outline, along with some ideas of how you might want to bespoke your course or even run a training event for other schools and make a profit! What’s not to like?

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