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Happy New Year!

Woohoo - hello to you all in 2019! I hope it’s going wonderfully for you, and that you had the chance to recuperate and celebrate (or vice versa) over Christmas and New Year.

So, onwards and upwards. Farewell to 2018, which is hard for me to say as I was such a big fan of it. Here are just a few reasons why I thought it was so blimmin’ brilliant:

Number 1: The weather

How very British of me to choose this first! But what was there NOT to like about last year’s weather? From January to March, we got snowed in not once, but TWICE! In a place where it very rarely snows! Absolutely tons of the stuff, creating a winter wonderland only to be enjoyed on foot, and a great reason to trudge to the village pub and back. And in the blink of an eye, we'd moved onto the most glorious summer, with long sun-filled days from May right through to September. The main dilemma being whether to laze by the lake with a good book or to pack a picnic and head to the coast. Never before in the UK have I got through so much Factor 30. Or swam in the sea. Or worn a bikini on the beach. Happy days on all counts.

Number 2: The whereabouts

Did you know we only moved to Cornwall a year ago? Haha, of course you did, I never stop banging on about it. I really should shut up, everyone will want to move here. No surprises, the love affair continues. Seeking out those hidden spots we never knew about as tourists, and working our way through the hundreds of glorious beaches has been quite a chore. But it's the Cornish countryside which has surprised me the most; we are lucky to live right on the doorstep of some amazing walks and cycle rides, and beach bunny that I am, I have been completely converted to championing the enchanting moors and tors of inland Cornwall.

Number 3: The work

Oh and the work! I nearly forgot about the work. Well, no-one is more surprised than me that my little independent business has taken off like a dream. Starting with just one client in January, I am delighted (i.e. amazed) to have been working at full capacity supporting 10 different companies over the last 12 months, in a great variety of work. And having married nearly 100 couples in the last year, my other role as a weekend wedding registrar has opened my eyes to many 'interesting' experiences. Never trust a man in a kilt. Or a dog as a ringbearer. I have some great material for a book, that’s for sure.

So moving into 2019, I am feeling exceptionally grateful. 2018 was a blinding year. Let’s see if it can be topped..

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