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And on the weekend, this is what I do..

Hey folks, how’s your summer going? We’ve had some gorgeous weather down here in Cornwall, even on those days forecast to be filled with rain, we’re learning that sunshine is only ever just around the corner and a brief shower (albeit on many a day) is a small price to pay for living in this beautiful county.

So I had a bit of a lull in blogging recently, partly because I’ve had my head down on some crazy deadlines, but equally because I have been getting to grips with job no 2, my weekend role as a Wedding Registrar. After initial training, several weekends of observing, then weekends being observed, I am now into month 2 of being a fully fledged Deputy Registrar.

I have to admit, at my own wedding many moons ago I don’t even remember there being TWO registrars in attendance! But there are - the Deputy Superintendent Registrar (DSR) who has the lovely job of conducting the ceremony, the one whom everyone will remember, and then there is the Deputy Registrar who has the stressful role of ensuring all the legalities of the ceremony are met and all the legal paperwork is completed accurately. And whom no-one will remember! And in case you were wondering, once the Deputy has a year under their belt, they can then train for the DSR role. Only 10 months to go!!

But where better a place to be a Wedding Registrar than in Cornwall? Admittedly we do have a number of register office weddings, but for every one of those, there is at least another one which takes us to fabulous venues in the countryside and on the coast, including the occasional vineyard and tourist attraction. The coastal locations are, of course, my favourite. Looking out over the turquoise waters of the Atlantic, or shaking the sand from your shoes as you enter a venue on a stunning beach - it’s definitely my idea of a wedding in paradise.

I’ve seen brides being sewn into dresses at the last minute, dogs as the ring bearers, dads in floods of tears and gripping onto their daughters’ arms as they reluctantly give them away, wedding rings getting stuck while being placed on hot sweaty fingers, and I am now especially wary of men in kilts (a flashing is only ever a wedding away, I fear). And although no-one has had legal reason (yet) to interrupt a ceremony and prevent it from proceeding, lightbulbs have exploded, barn doors have slammed and vases of flowers have gone flying at that very same moment. It’s a nerve-wracking business, for sure.

BUT I AM LOVING IT!!!! Yes, it’s pressured, ensuring everything is recorded properly and accurately for time ever more, that the correct words are spoken and heard at the crucial moment, that the indelible ink in the pen doesn’t leak over anything critical (happened to me today; I was gutted) - and there’s more preparation for a ceremony than I ever considered possible - but it’s an incredibly special job.

If I am at your wedding, and you wonder why I am smiling from ear to ear throughout the whole of your ceremony, it’s because I feel genuinely happy for you. And I haven’t yet fully mastered the art of not getting teary when everyone else is blubbing their eyes out, but my colleagues keep telling me I will toughen up. I think it’s unlikely...

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