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A new office in Cornwall!

Updated: Jan 18, 2018

Hello if you are reading this! Welcome to the Marketing Girl Friday blog.

So, we have been living in Cornwall for just three weeks now, and this is my fabulous view (I am not a cat, by the way...)

Life is a little different to that in Somerset! Bizarrely, we are still in sight of a tor from the house - Helman instead of Glastonbury - but there the similarity ends. The pace is different (a little slower), the driving is different (surprisingly better), the people are different (apologies Somerset, but they are friendlier!), and the weather, well the weather is just insane.

Today is one of many, many days where it will rain. All day. And the wind will beat across the front of the house. And as I type this, I may just have my thermals on again. Equally, we have had some beautiful days (as the above cat will testify to), which gives me hope for the Spring months. ROLL ON SPRING!!

Anyway, bad weather is good for getting on with work! I am really excited to bring Marketing Girl Friday to the folk of Cornwall, while working with contacts of old and new. Drop me a line if you'd like a chat - even if it's just about the weather....

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