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4 reasons to hire a copywriter

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

A friend contacted me this morning and asked if I'd re-write the copy on his e-shot for him.

Now this guy, he writes great copy (or words, if you don't want to use a fancypants phrase..)

And the copy he sent me, it was pretty good reading material, as usual.

So why did he ask me?

1. He's a busy man. Writing copy is not necessarily the best use of his time, however good he is at it. So he quickly wrote his e-shot and sent it to me knowing that a second pair of eyes would benefit it.

2. He knows that I think about the customer who is reading the copy. He knows that I will think about what motivates them and what they do (and don't) want to hear about. So he knows I will tailor the copy for maximum impact, with words and phrases to appeal to his readers.

3. He's super-close to his product, and there is a danger that sometimes you can be too familiar with your product or service. I aim to cut through any jargon, be objective about what to say and make the content easy to read and understand.

4. He wanted the job done. He wanted to know that he didn't have to return to that e-shot, muse over its content, spend time re-writing, editing and proofing it.

If, like my friend, writing copy makes you wince, just drop me a line.

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